Studio Policy


Children and adults are welcome to take violin lessons at my studio once a week. Lessons are offered throughout the calendar year. A pay-ahead option is available to those who will be traveling most of the summer. Students who take lessons in the summer will be given priority in the fall schedule.




Beginners and advanced students are welcome. Lessons on orchestra repertoire excerpts for audition preparation are available to advanced players. I offer flexible scheduling options to busy adult students.




The first “get to know each other” lesson is free for all students. Afterwards, your tuition will be due at the first lesson of the month in advance and divided into equal installments. For current rates, please call 818-406-2691.Your tuition will be prorated if you start your violin lessons after the beginning of the month. Any music expenses will be added to your bill for the following month, including a receipt for the purchase. Discounts are applied if more than one family member is taking violin lessons at my studio.


Violin lessons are scheduled at the same day and time of the week for each student. Lessons missed by the student are not refundable or made up. Lessons missed by the teacher will be credited to the following month or rescheduled if possible. Extra lessons are available at additional charge by the hour.




You can purchase violin sheet music recommended for your home practice sessions if you click here.




The importance of parental involvement for students’ success cannot be emphasized enough.

  • Designate DAILY practice time for the length of the violin lesson as a minimum.
  • Make up any missed practice time!
  • Be present at your child’s lessons periodically, if not weekly.
  • Practice makes PERMANENT: supervise home practice sessions to make sure that all assignments are completed properly. The way your child practices at home will likely be the way he/she will perform at the lesson.
  • Make sure your child brings all necessary books to the lesson. Markings made in my copy are no help.
  • Make sure your child arrives at the studio at the appropriate time (not too early, not late). Be courteous and don’t come in until the student before you is done. I am able to keep a very good track of time.
  • Attend a classical concert with your child at least three times a semester.
  • Be supportive and remember that consistency is the key to success in violin.



To be arranged.

A two-week written notice by mail, email, or delivered, is required if a student or a parent should decide to terminate lessons at any time. Telephone messages (voice or text) will not be accepted. You are financially responsible for the remaining two weeks after your notice, whether or not you choose to attend.

I reserve my right to terminate lessons for students for any of the following reasons:

  • Overdue tuition payments
  • Frequent lack of preparation
  • Frequent absences.