Raleigh Violin Lessons
Teaching the art of violin playing to students of various ages and backgrounds has been a privilege for me during the last 15 years of my career. Being a music educator, mentor, or pedagogue has had a tremendous impact on my personal development as a musician in general and as a violinist in particular, for the more perspectives there are from which a musician would choose to approach a given music masterpiece, the wider the horizon and the more profound the knowledge of that musician will be. The relationship between a teacher and her students is a two-way blessing-exchange path. While a student gets to learn all the subtleties of an art that a generous teacher is able and willing to share, a perceptive teacher is able to extract the most crucial aspects of a student’s feedback in the form of questions, comments, and obvious performance challenges in order to then mold that feedback into an ever evolving knowledgebase to make it helpful to more and more students.  This is how a long term teacher-student relationship turns into a state of continuous mutual benefit.


Being a teacher carries a tremendous amount of responsibility with regards to a student’s self esteem, critical thinking, and development of discipline that will be applicable in every aspect of life later on. One of the toughest challenges in making all these wonderful things come to a realization is keeping it as simple as possible in the teacher-student relationship.


I like to keep things simple. Long time ago, I committed to being honest yet nourishing to all of my students. You can ask each and every one of them and no one will dispute what I just said. I will give your child (or you, if you are the student) constructive feedback that will help develop his or her observational and listening skills, as well as create a practice approach towards the violin that can be applied in other daily activities and areas of long term self improvement such as school, homework, relationships with family and peers, and much more. The whole idea behind learning to play a musical instrument at an early age is to create the focus of attention and dedication necessary to succeed in all future challenging endeavors.


My purpose as a violin teacher is to gradually reveal the multiple intricacies of the violin while creating a positive learning environment in which your child will thrive and achieve a sound sense of personal accomplishment in addition to a clear understanding of the responsibility that he or she accepts at the end of each session in order to be able to bring the desired improvement to a full realization. While the whole process takes years of learning, you as a parent will inevitably notice the advanced maturity level of your children that will result from their daily violin practice.


Finally, please remember: this is not a destination but a journey!
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